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Barn House

The house with an area of 191.09 square meters has an entrance area with a wide corridor, a boiler room, a bathroom, a garage, a bedroom combined with a bathroom and a dressing room, and 2 more rooms. The pearl of the house is a relatively small living room with a huge terrace and panoramic windows, which removes the feeling of a room and unites it with the surrounding space.

 Due to the peculiarities of the relief, before the entrance and driving into the building, the height of the plinth is 15 cm, that is, one step, and on the side of the terrace the drop is up to 80 cm, so the terrace was made cantilever, like a deck in front of the pool!

 The house itself is suburban, and has a wonderful view, not a small area, so many decisions depended on this as well.


  Before construction, we created many planning solutions, sketches of the architecture itself, and after all the agreements, we made architectural and construction drawings. In addition, at first everything was coordinated with various contractors, since the connection nodes depend on the structures that are used.
  For example, when using a folded roof, there are options for a hidden RUUKKI drainage system, a flat roof also has many types and structures, 4m wide “Salamander” window junctions, garage doors, heating, ventilation and even decoration influenced the project.


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